Signature Homegrown Bundles

Signature Homegrown Bundles

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These bundles come in 4 variants perfect for your chopseuy, pinakbet, salad, or ginisa recipes. Get all the basic ingredients and Malagos Signature products beautifully packaged in a sustainable wooden crate. Available for same day delivery within Davao City.


Variants and Inclusions

1. Signature Stir Fried Goodness

  • 19g red onion, 19g garlic, 19g ginger, 1pc broccoli, 1pc cauliflower, 1pc chinese pechay, 250g cabbage, 110g carrots, 5pcs vegetable lumpia, 200g marinated chicken, 5pcs beef patties, 1 pack chocolate crinkle delight, 150g Malagos Chevre Cheese

2. Signature Filipino Favorites

  • 15g red onion, 15g garlic, 15g ginger, 250g tomato, 500g squash, 200g string beans, 500g eggplant, 250g okra, 3pcs amplaya, 1 bottle sinamak, 10pcs pork and shrimp siomai, 250g marinated pork belly, 1 pack oatmeal nibbles, 2pcs 25g Malagos 38% Milk Chocolate 

3. Signature Homegrown Organics

  • 150g lettuce, 10g red bell pepper, 10g tomatoes, 60g carrots, 80g cucumber, 8g white onion, 8g red onion, 5g sweet basil, 1 bottle mango dressing, 1 bottle honey chocolate dressing, 5pcs vegetable lumpia, 5pcs pork longganisa, 1 pack Malagos Carrot Cake, 1L Malagos Fresh Goat's Milk

4. Signature Savory Finds

  • 20g red onion, 20g garlic, 20g ginger, 350g cabbage, 125g red bell pepper, 200g carrots, 100g string beans, 100g french beans, 1 pack crinkles, 250g pork barbecue, 500g pork bones, 1 pack Malagos Banana Loaf, 2pcs 25g Malagos 65% Dark Chocolate